Opened in 2009, Williamsburg House is a residential sober living home in Brooklyn, NY that provides an environment of safety while you get your life back on track.


Located a few blocks away from the Bedford Avenue stop on the L train, residents live in the heart of Brooklyn's ultra-hip Williamsburg neighborhood. With over 7,000 square feet of open floor plan and separate male and female housing, our lofts foster an open community that no other NY residence can offer. The chic converted warehouse space boasts exquisite views of the East River, amazing boutiques, cafes, and is only a ten-minute subway ride from Union Square, the Village, and Downtown Manhattan. 


Williamsburg is the most alive neighborhood in NYC. The independence and creativity that was once part of the east side of lower Manhattan migrated across the east river about a decade ago, stoking the fire of the revitalization of Brooklyn, the likes of which had not been seen before. Today, Williamsburg is a destination for travelers who come to NYC. They come for the best food scene in NY, the sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline, the live music and art. 

The epicenter of young adult culture with a median age of 29, Williamsburg has an extensive community of people in recovery, along with endless opportunities to develop and live a recovery lifestyle, including fitness, art and music. We have aligned ourselves with top level clinicians, access to world renown health care providers, endless cultural opportunities and the best bagels the world has to offer.