Amenities and features

Williamsburg House seeks to reduce the stressors of daily life, allowing you to focus on getting back on your feet and moving forward. With an aesthetic that could be summed up as low-key high style, the loft space offers an environment of laid-back luxury. 

  • Community is the foundation of recovery. At Williamsburg house, you're never alone. We are staffed around the clock with people in recovery who have the genuine concern to help.
  • We provide companioning at no extra charge to help out clients along the way in early recovery. Our experience tells us that having someone with you could be the difference when temptation rises.   
  • Twice weekly in house recovery meetings and plenty of outside meetings to help our clients connect with the robust sober community Williamsburg has to offer. 
  • On site narcotic detection canine.  We're not the police, but we want the environment to be safe. Mik lives among us as a friendly Labrador Retriever with his loyal companion Churchill, an English Bulldog who serves no purpose other than melting hearts. 
  • Spacious common areas to foster community.
  • Regular housekeeping services.
  • On-site laundry facilities.
  • State-of-the art kitchen with a private chef who provides two home-cooked meals a day.
  • Full membership to the Gym 4 doors down and Yoga studio two floors below us
  • Random, monitored drug testing as well as daily alcohol breathalyzing.